The Education & Workforce Development Committee provides Western lawmakers with a forum to discuss issues relating to education and workforce development. The committee members participate in policy discussions and hear from experts about P-20 education and its relationship to cultivating a strong workforce. Additionally, the Committee shares insights on national education and workforce development programs and initiatives.




Senator Bill Soules

New Mexico

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Representative Bradley Last




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Recruiting and Keeping Good Teachers Webinar

Teacher shortages have been a significant topic of policy concern in nearly every state. Join this webinar to hear how policy leaders and innovators across the country have successfully addressed this challenge. From supporting new teachers to retaining accomplished teachers to accurately identifying teacher shortage areas, this webinar will provide research-based examples from across the teacher career continuum to equip policy leaders with new insights, ideas and inspiration to ensure a high-quality teacher workforce for each and every student.



Click here for session materials from the 70th CSG West Annual Meeting, held August 15-19, 2017 in Tacoma, Washington.




Committee Roster



Senator Berta Gardner

Senator Gary Stevens

Senator Bill Wielechowski

Representative Harriet Drummond



Representative Rusty Bowers

Representative Paul Boyer

Representative Jill Norgaard

Representative Michelle Udall



Senator Ben Allen

Assemblymember William Brough

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin

Assemblymember Evan Low

Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell



Senator Bob Gardner

Senator Owen Hill

Senator Vicki Marble

Senator Michael Merrifield

Senator Tim Neville

Senator Kevin Priola

Senator Jack Tate

Senator Nancy Todd

Senator Angela Williams

Senator Rachel Zenzinger

Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet



Representative Sharon Har

Representative Mark Hashem

Representative Daniel Holt

Representative Aaron Ling Johanson

Representative Angus McKelvey

Representative Mark Nakashima

Representative Calvin Say

Representative Justin Woodson



Senator Dean Mortimer

Senator Bob Nonini

Senator Jim Patrick

Representative Lance Clow

Representative Ryan Kerby

Representative Ilana Rubel

Representative Julie VanOrden



Senator Dee Brown

Senator Ed Buttrey

Senator Edie McClafferty

Senator Dan Salomon

Senator Jason Small

Senator Gene Vuckovich

Representative Kimberly Dudik

Representative Moffie Funk

Representative Denise Hayman

Representative Mike Hopkins

Representative Wendy McKamey

Representative Andrea Olsen

Representative Brad Tschida

Representative Jonathan Windy Boy



Senator Patricia Farley

Senator Mo Denis

Senator Scott Hammond

Senator Pat Spearman

Senator Joyce Woodhouse

Assemblywoman Amber Joiner

Assemblywoman Brittney Miller

Assemblywoman Dina Neal

Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson

Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury



Senator Pete Campos

Senator Mark Moores

Senator Howie Morales

Senator John Pinto

Senator Sander Rue

Senator Clemente Sanchez

Senator Bill Soules

Senator Mimi Stewart

Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero

Representative Debra M. Sarinana

Representative Sheryl W. Stapleton

Representative Elizabeth Thomson



Representative Teresa Alonso León

Representative Janeen Sollman



Senator Lincoln Fillmore

Senator Ann Millner

Senator Evan Vickers

Senator Todd Weiler

Representative Joel Briscoe

Representative Bruce Cutler

Representative Bradley Last

Representative Derrin Owens

Representative Jon Stanard



Senator Guy Palumbo

Representative Larry Haler

Representative Norm Johnson



Senator Affie Ellis

Representative Albert Sommers



2015-2016 Education & Workforce Development Committee


2013-2014 Education Committee

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