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Western Legislative Academy (WLA)

Congratulations to the WLA Class of 2022!

By CSG West

The Western Legislative Academy (WLA) Class of 2022 convened December 13-16 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where 42 participants completed three and a half days of intensive training designed to strengthen legislative leadership skills.

Class members engaged with faculty and each other to learn and employ strategies that support consensus building and negotiation, sharpen leadership techniques, effectively navigate conflict, and develop insights into the impact of personality styles, among others.

Utah Representative Andrew Stoddard was selected by his peers as this year’s WLA Class President. As class president, he will have an opportunity to facilitate a training session during the 2023 CSG West Annual Meeting, serve on the CSG West Executive Committee, and will return to Colorado Springs to welcome next year’s WLA class.

This year’s class was exceptionally engaged and CSG West looks forward to continued collaboration. Congratulations, Class of 2022!

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Utah Representative Andrew Stoddard 2022 WLA Class President