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Colorado River Forum (CRF)

On the Road with CSG West: Wyoming

By Jonathan Lennartz

Boots and bolo ties were in full swing at the Wyoming State Capitol, as CSG West kicked off its 2023 state visits in the Cowboy State. The visit provided staff an opportunity to engage with legislators and legislative leaders about CSG West events, programs, and training opportunities this year, including the Colorado River Forum to be hosted in Wyoming.

CSG West staff enjoyed meetings with House Speaker Albert Sommers and Senate President Ogden Driskill, who will appoint members to CSG West committees for the 2023-24 biennium, and who shared insights into current policy priorities in the state. 

The visit was also an opportunity to connect with Wyoming policymakers engaged in CSG West leadership or co-chair roles, including Representative Mike Yin, CSG West Vice-Chair and Wyoming’s House Minority Floor Leader; Representative Landon Brown, Westrends Co-Chair; Senator Eric Barlow, Energy & Environment Committee Co-Chair; and Senator Larry Hicks, Colorado River Forum Co-Chair. 

The visit concluded on a high note with CSG West hosting its annual lunch for Western Legislative Academy (WLA) alumni and interested applicants. The strong turnout was evidence of the enduring relationships built through WLA and its continued reputation as the region’s premier legislative training program.

CSG West was grateful for the floor introductions by Senator Barlow and Representative Yin, respectively, and for the warm welcome to the Wyoming Legislature. We look forward to Wyoming’s leadership and engagement in 2023!