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Past Event

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Mitigation Update: A Four State Perspective

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) is a pernicious and ongoing threat to native fish, fish habitat, ports, navigation, and marine infrastructure. Through comprehensive, coordinated action the transport and migration of devastating invasive species, like the Quagga & zebra mussel, have so far saved the Snake and Columbia River Basins from the damage impacting the Great Lakes.   

Participants in this session heard from experts about the latest information on the health of the Columbia River region, the current AIS threats, and the action and strategies used to mitigate them. During the exchange, the panel of speakers shared their frontline perspective and answered questions.

Moderator: Senator Michelle Stennett – CSG West Chair, Legislative Council on River Governance


Lloyd Knight – Plant Industries Administrator, Idaho Department of Agriculture

Thomas Woolf – Aquatic Invasive Species Bureau Chief, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Rick Boatner – Invasive Species Coordinator, Oregon Department of Fish and Game

Jesse Schultz – Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Invasive Species Unit