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74th CSG West Annual Meeting

Mark your calendar for the 74th CSG West Annual Meeting to be hosted September 28 – October 1, 2021 in Colorado Springs.

Our 2021 CSG West Chair, Representative Clark Kauffman and Colorado Host Committee Chair, Senator Chris Hansen, are working to develop an engaging meeting schedule allowing everyone to, once again, gather and learn together. Be sure to check back soon for additional details.

Annual Meeting attendees are primarily western state legislators and legislative staff. Other attendees include the private sector, academic and nonprofit organizations, and program speakers.

Throughout the meeting, attendees experience unparalleled opportunities to:

  • Connect and develop relationships with regional colleagues
  • Engage regionally and nationally on relevant topics such as energy, environment, social justice, education, fiscal affairs, health, economic development, trade, water, regional trends, and more
  • Learn from experts during keynote presentations, committee meetings and professional development sessions
  • Participate in international program sessions for the exchange of critical information among public policymakers of Canada, United States and Mexico.