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American Samoa

Welcome to the profile page for American Samoa. Here you can find information about the legislature, as well as information on key executive and judicial branch officials and offices. 

Martha Castaneda serves as CSG West liaison for American Samoa. Please contact Martha with any questions you have or assistance you may need.

Executive Branch

GovernorLemanu Palepoi Mauga
Lieutenant GovernorTalauega Eleasalo Vaalele Ale
Alaska Executive Branch Government Officials

Legislative Branch

Seats: 18Seats: 21
Average Constituency Size: 3,084Average Constituency Size: 2,643
Length of Term: 4 yearsLength of Term: 2 years
Term Limit: No term limitsTerm Limit: No term limits
Alaska Executive Branch Government Officials

Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch
Highest court: High Court of American Samoa
Chief Justice: Michael Kruse
Number of Justices: 5
Method of Selection: Appointed
Method of Retention: Lifetime appointment
Alaska Executive Branch Government Officials
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