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Public Safety

CSG Justice Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary

By CSG West

This year the CSG Justice Center celebrates its 20th anniversary, a significant milestone for an organization that has become a go-to resource for state officials that helps foster research-driven strategies to increase public safety and strengthen communities. CSG West applauds the Justice Center’s contributions in the public safety space and their engagement with officials across the country, and at all levels of government, in this important work.

In the past year alone, the Justice Center has successfully launched the Reentry 2030 and Justice Counts initiatives, in addition to comprehensive toolkits associated with the juvenile probation system and community responder programs. Most recently, the Justice Center welcomed five new leaders to its Advisory Board leveraging extensive backgrounds in justice, behavioral health, and state legislation. 

We invite you to view the following stories from the recent issue of CSG Current State, featuring key moments from the Justice Center across 20 years.

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