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Housing Committee

The Housing Committee facilitates policy discussions, the exchange of information, and the identification of best practices among policymakers to address housing issues across the West.

For more information about CSG West’s Housing Committee, please contact Jonathan Lennartz, Policy Analyst.

Committee Leadership
Image for Melissa Wintrow

Senator Melissa Wintrow



Image for Daniel Bonham

Senator Daniel Bonham



Committee Roster


  • Senator Forrest Dunbar
  • Senator Löki Gale Tobin
  • Representative Jesse Sumner


  • Representative Analise Ortiz
  • Representative Justin Wilmeth


  • Assemblymember Juan Carrillo
  • Assemblymember Tim Grayson
  • Assemblymember Corey Jackson
  • Assemblymember Alex Lee
  • Assemblymember Blanca Pacheco
  • Assemblymember Joe Patterson
  • Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva
  • Assemblymember Buffy Wicks


  • Senator Tony Exum
  • Senator Julie Gonzales
  • Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis
  • Senator Dylan Roberts
  • Senator Byron Pelton
  • Senator Rod Pelton
  • Senator Janice Rich
  • Representative Marc Catlin
  • Representative Meg Froelich
  • Representative Junie Joseph
  • Representative William Lindstedt
  • Representative Javier Mabrey
  • Representative Tisha Mauro
  • Representative Naquetta Ricks
  • Representative Don Wilson
  • Representative Steven Woodrow
  • Representative Stephanie Vigil


  • Senator Stanley Chang
  • Senator Dru Mamo Kanuha
  • Representative Micah P.K. Aiu
  • Representative Troy N. Hashimoto
  • Representative Lauren Matsumoto


  • Senator Ali Rabe
  • Senator Melissa Wintrow

New Mexico

  • Senator Gregory Baca
  • Senator Craig Brandt
  • Senator Carrie Hamblen
  • Senator Leo Jaramillo
  • Senator Benny Shendo, Jr.
  • Representative Joshua Hernandez
  • Representative Andrea Romero
  • Representative Angela Rubio


  • Senator Ellie Boldman
  • Senator Carl Glimm
  • Senator Shane Morigeau
  • Representative Jonathan Karlen
  • Representative Lola Sheldon-Galloway


  • Senator Dina Neal
  • Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui
  • Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama
  • Assemblyman C.H. Miller


  • Senator Dick Anderson
  • Senator Daniel Bonham
  • Senator Kayse Jama
  • Senator Tim Knopp
  • Senator Mark Meek
  • Senator Deb Patterson
  • Senator Janeen Sollman
  • Representative Vikki Breese-Iverson
  • Representative Maxine Dexter


  • Senator Nate Blouin
  • Senator Todd Weiler
  • Representative Cal Musselman
  • Representative Robert Spendlove
  • Representative Stephen Whyte


  • Senator Patty Kuderer
  • Representative Mari Leavitt


  • Representative Tony Locke
  • Representative Ember Oakley
Past Committee Rosters
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Past Events
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76th CSG West Annual Meeting

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74th CSG West Annual Meeting

Mark your calendar for the 74th CSG West Annual Meeting to be hosted September 28 – October 1,…

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2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

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News & Updates
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Decoding School Funding Formulas

Education Committee Recap: In today’s educational landscape, it is crucial to comprehend the mechanisms that underpin school funding.

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Housing Affordability & Homelessness in the Rapidly Growing West

Housing Committee Recap: Shane Phillips, Housing Initiative Project Manager with the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies,…

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Education Committee Recap

Education Committee members discuss strategies to address a consequential teacher shortage.

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Western States Take Aim at Early Literacy During 2022 Legislative Sessions

The phrase “science of reading” denotes a large body of rigorously conducted research about how children learn to…

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