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75th CSG West Annual Meeting

This year marked an exciting one for CSG West. We were thrilled to invite you, on behalf of our chair, Representative Clark Kauffman, to the diamond anniversary of the CSG West Annual Meeting. Held on July 19-22 in Boise, Idaho as we celebrated 75 years of conversation and regional collaboration.

The Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of western legislators, convening over 500 participants each year. The size and scope of this event creates an intimate and unique environment for attendees to:

  • Engage and exchange ideas through policy committee discussions, on issues such as workforce development, fiscal affairs, and social justice
  • Learn from topic experts by participating in educational forums and leadership skills training opportunities
  • Connect and build lasting relationships with regional, national, and international colleagues

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Committee Session Recaps
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Image for Agriculture & Water Committee Recap

Agriculture & Water Committee Recap

Committee members discuss climate risks and options for water, agriculture, and rangelands. Click here to…

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Image for Canada Relations Committee Recap

Canada Relations Committee Recap

Committee members discuss binational relations, water and energy. Click here to download…

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Image for Education Committee Recap

Education Committee Recap

Education Committee members discuss strategies to address a consequential teacher shortage.

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Image for Energy & Environment Committee Session Recap

Energy & Environment Committee Session Recap

Members discuss climate challenges to energy generation and infrastructure, and heat pump technology.

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Image for Health Committee Session Recap

Health Committee Session Recap

Members discuss treatment options for opioid use disorder, nursing recruitment & retention, and ARPA funding for health initiatives.

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Image for Public Safety Committee Session Recap

Public Safety Committee Session Recap

Areas of focus include drug trafficking and threat assessment, human and labor trafficking, and recent federal activity on…

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Image for Westrends Board Session Recap

Westrends Board Session Recap

Westrend Board members discuss the future of the state government workforce and the housing affordability crisis.

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Image for Workforce Development Committee Recap

Workforce Development Committee Recap

Members discuss postsecondary education with employer & industry needs, and supply chain: history, current obstacles & time-tested solutions.

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