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On the Road with CSG West: Alaska

By Jacqueline Tinetti

On March 7th CSG West director Edgar Ruiz and staffer Jackie Tinetti touched down in Alaska’s capitol city of Juneau for a busy week of meetings with Senate and House leaders, members, and legislative staff.

Members shared their priorities and focus for this year’s session, including the opening of the border with Canada to ease trade and commerce, protecting the supply chain from future disruption, creating a sustainable fiscal plan for Alaska, and enhancing cybersecurity and broadband deployment.

Director Ruiz and Ms. Tinetti shared information about the upcoming 75th Annual Meeting in Boise, the Legislative Exchange on Cybersecurity, and the organization’s expansion of professional development opportunities and programs for legislators. They also provided information on the resources available to members and staff through CSG West and CSG National.

Alaska Alumni members of the Western Legislative Academy (WLA) enjoyed a lunch in the Butrovich/Fahrenkamp Hearing Room where they connected with each other and learned about colleagues who are currently eligible to apply for the WLA class of 2022 (the deadline to apply is April 28th).

Director Ruiz and Ms. Tinetti appreciated the warm welcome they received during their state visit and the time that members spent with them, including the kind introduction in the House floor. A special thanks to our Past CSG National Chair, Senator Gary Stevens, and his staff, for their hospitality and allowing CSG West staff to utilize their office. We are also delighted that Representatives Chris Tuck and Cathy Tilton agreed to serve as CSG West Liaisons to House members who want to learn more about the organization and its programs.