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Past Event

2023 Colorado River Forum

Pinedale, Wyoming

The annual Colorado River Forum brings together legislators from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming to review and discuss issues and opportunities related to the Colorado River Basin. At the meeting, members are provided updates on legislative action impacting the region, and progress reports on federal, state, tribal, and local initiatives aimed at protecting fisheries, environment and ecosystems, infrastructure, economies, and people of the Colorado River Basin. Issues of study and discussion this year will include:

  • Consequences and Impacts of the Seven State Agreement
  • The Current State of the Colorado River System Hydrology
  • Wyoming Natural Diversity Data Base:  Flood Irrigation and Ecological Benefits to Green River Basin of Wyoming
  • Conservation, Fisheries, and Wetlands in Wyoming   
  • Industrial Water Use in Wyoming
  • 2026 and Beyond: Key Considerations for Future Governance